Interesting tidbits I gleaned while researching this song: Contrary to popular(my) belief, the Heavy D version of this song came out first – earlier in 1991 off of his third album Peaceful Journey. Teddy Riley then decided it’d still be a perfect r&b hitter too, so he made the all Tammy Lucas version that was featured on the Juice soundtrack. Tammy actually shows up in a few places I didn’t expect – she’s the female vocal on 1nce again, as well as the female bg vocal on superthug. In fact, Tammy and the Neptunes collaborated more than just with that track. There is a fantastic 4 part interview with her over here if you are so inclined. It’s quite interesting to get the backstory on kinda how/why she didn’t blow up as well as she should, because she has a fantastic voice. The og beat is LJones.

Tammy Lucas – Is It Good To You