Recently I’d been digging through the crates and realized that I really missed Mariah Carey. Not like the Mimi that runs on her own tracks, but the Mariah accompanied by rappers, the Mariah that guests on the hook. Twista. Snoop. Jermaine Dupri. Jadakiss. Busta Bust. Jams for sure. This got me to thinking, who’s got the most memorable hooks? Think back to Faith on Juicy. Or Faith on on 1nce Again! AND Stressed Out! Mary J, Lauryn, Aaliyah all sit on hooks of some really influential cuts. (c’mon.. All My Time? dead.) Out of the Mariah tracks I listed I’m probably feeling that Jadakiss one the most lately. That Scott Storch shit was heatish back in the day. P.S. – Storch on keys, dude is rad.

Beat is Lotus Flower Bomb flipped by Bahwee.

Mariah Carey – We Belong Together