Whenever I’m making blends I usually try the acapella on a ton of different things. Some work, some don’t work, and I’ll end up picking one to put on the site. Usually though I’ll have one or two extra of the same song that I’ve put on a different beat that I feel might not be as strong as the other one, but still worth making, or I’ll just try the acapella out on something else much later on and find that it sounds great as well. Here are a bunch of them that have had good reception by yall. To be honest I enjoy some of these more than the pt i.. haw. I have some other part ii’s that i’ll save for a ‘the part deux.. part deux’ post. (ho ho get it.) originals: m-flo, nujabes, blackstar, foreign exchange, dilla, dj jazzy jeff.

Beyonce – Single Ladies (Pt II)