You know, I’ve always been kind of underwhelmed with Beyonce. Not to discount her singing ability as well as her talent as a performer, I just think her vocal range sits in lower octaves than what I really enjoy listening to. Some further research into the topic (me googling: y u no like beyonce??) leads me to the Wikipedia List of mezzo-sopranos in non classical music. Artists that stand out on the list are Janet, Whitney, Mary J Blige. Now if I were to continue to be critical of Beyonce for her vocal range, then I should be just as critical about those three, but I’m not. I’m going to chalk it up to the eras in which those artists were popular, and they made music that was fitting for the time – Atleast for Mary J and Whitney. Janet on this list kinda throws me off.. she sings in a pretty high octave no? I don’t feel right placing Beyonce and Janet in the same vocal range. Or maybe because Janet usually sings on the higher end of her scales. Again, not to say I dislike her. Countdown is crazy next level. I guess I just don’t like the ballads.

Either way I’ve totally derailed multiple trains of thought. Party is a genuinely fun track and it might be hard to improve the summerness of the original, but I felt this one was nice and chill. As per usual. The original is Kero One.

Beyonce – Party