this is the mix that i’ve been wanting to make for a long time. i LOVE new jack. its really positive, really harmonious, and really throws me into the ‘back in the days’ mode. my only hangup was that there was so much good stuff, and i couldn’t condense it into a small type of mix… so i made two. three, in fact. it’s comprised mainly of the r&b side of new jack, so no big daddy kane and rap of the like – i think cosmo baker came out with a hot new jack mix that incorporated all of that stuff, so look for that one. i’ve uploaded parts 1 and 2, but there is an extra special 1+2+3 extended mix, which clocks in shy of an hour and thirty minutes. it should suffice for long driving. i hope you all enjoy this as much as i enjoyed compiling it. not including a tracklist because you really should know all the songs.

part 1
part 2

extended mix:
that super new jack

That New Jack