Earlier this year The Dream was playing in LA, and obviously as a superfan I had to come out. He played everything I wanted to hear really. Purple Kisses, Rockin That Thang, Fast Car, Falsetto, etc etc etc (well, he didn’t play Mr Yeah or F.I.L.A.) and I as well as the whole crowd was singing along, and it was really awesome. Though to be real, I expected more people to come out to watch him perform. I don’t know if his musical prowess is on any kind of Timbaland level, but he’s kind of my most favorite singer/producer of recent times. Each of his albums have been slow burners – I only like them after a few weeks of getting into to them. Plus, I mean, fancy? Come on. Taking it to ultra levels. I guess my only gripe with him is the unnecessary profanity in some of his tracks.

Bedroom kinda mix. Enjoy.


The Dream – Roc
Ciara – Promise (Instrumental)
Jeremih – Waiter
112 – Anywhere
Somethin’ For The People – My Love Is The Shhh
Missy Elliot – Beep Me 911
Aaliyah – One In A Million
The Weeknd – Gone (Sango Remix)
Jeremih – 773 Love (Cyril Hahn 4AM Bootleg)
Foxes – White Coats (Xaphoon Jones In The Zone Remix)
The Dream – Fast Car (Exeter 88MPH Edit)
The Dream – Rockin That Thang (Instrumental)
Tinashe – Let You Love Me (Remix)
Bei Maejor – Party @ The Crib
Frank Ocean – Dying For Your Love
Aaliyah – Don’t Know What To Tell Ya
Ginuwine – What’s So Different
D’Angelo – Brown Sugar (Beatminerz Remix)