This year instead of a calendar for my yearly project, I decided to make a zine! It’s about the Billboard top 100 in 1992, matching songs to their respective youtube discussion threads. Purely unintentional, youtube’s comment feature can become a collective memory dump. You’ll have to sort through all manner of trolls and inanity but there are some diamonds in the rough – and that’s where I culled all the content from. It’s about 70 pages (pretty heavy for zine standards) and all b&w, with some artist spreads in between the content. It’s a lot of reminiscing and fun times. I promise you’ll enjoy reading through it.

I’ve printed a limited amount of the books and they are available for purchase. I’ll also include some other goodies too. Check the Paypal link below.

Edit: March 02
I’m all out! Thank you everyone who purchased, I hope that you enjoyed reading through it. I am no longer sending them with goodies, but you can purchase it directly from lulu.com.

The Jams 1992