I grew up listening to Bob James, David Sanborn, Chicago, Sergio Mendes, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson, Deodato. They were the soundtrack to weekends spent at home cleaning, car rides to San Diego, singalong sessions after dinner. We had a Pioneer amplifier and speakers as tall as a four year old me, and we never put the volume above 3 because it would shake all the shelves up.

Later, I got a radio and, in true rebellious form, hated all the music my dad listened to. Power 106 and 92.3 The Beat told me about TLC, Bone Thugs n Harmony, SWV, Mack 10, Cypress Hill, Dr Dre, Naughty By Nature, Coolio, 69 Boyz. I remember dad signing me up for Columbia’s 12 CD’s for 1$ deal numerous times. I saved up my own money to buy E.1999 Eternal when it came out, but only owned it for about a week. My mom saw the parental advisory label, opened up the liner note to read the lyrics, and promptly returned it for me.

I’m a DJ sometimes, but mainly a graphic designer/animator. I take lots of pictures too, but don’t really like digital cameras. I went to and graduated from an art school because I fucking suck at math.

Los Angeles, CA.